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content imageThey say that the health is our best wealth and that eating the right kinds of food can only do so much if we do not exercise. There are a lot of benefits when we regularly exercise, it can not only make you look better, it makes you feel good inside and out.

How we look and how we feel about ourselves is proportional to the confidence that we feel and see in the way we go about our lives.

Whatever you need in fitness and in health, Kujiweza Healing Arts On-Site Fitness and Wellness can surely help you. We will provide you with a broad spectrum of exercises, programs and techniques that will help you improve and enhance your lifestyle and well-being.

Should you require more information, kindly give us a call at 408-315-6690 or leave us a message through our Contact Us form. We look forward to hear from you.

Kujiweza Healing Arts On-Site Fitness and Wellness is truly dedicated in its mission to provide health and wellness to people with Parkinson's.

Help us improve the lives of People Living with Parkinson's disease!

Parkinson's Outreach Fund

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"Tools For Today" Program

Your tax deductible donation will help provide
In-home Personal Care and Daily Living Skills
training to people living with PD.