About Us

Kujiweza Healing Arts On-Site Fitness and Wellness is a program dedicated to bring a healthy lifestyle to everyone of all ages. We aim to inspire and motivate people to adapt and embrace fitness as part of their daily lives.

We have already been offering fitness and wellness programs for over 10 years to individuals, businesses, elderly communities, schools and many others in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kujiweza Healing Arts On-Site Fitness and Wellness is made up of an excellent team of professional speakers, demonstrators, trainers, therapists and instructors.


Mwezo Kudumu

Mwezo Kudumu is Master Instructor of Kujiweza Healing Arts On-Site Fitness and Wellness and has over 34 years experience teaching ancient art healing exercises. He holds a BS Degree from Chico State University, a Graduate of the East West School for the Healing Arts. He is a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Relaxation Therapist, Certified Fitness Specialist, Certified Nutritionist, Certified Natural Health Consultant and has taught the Kujiweza exercises at community, religious and business organizations.

Over the years he has used Massage Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Exercise Therapy and other natural healing modalities to help hundreds of clients relieve pain and achieve healing. He has lectured at a number of educational institutions including San Jose State University, San Jose City College, Butte College, Chico State University, the YMCA, and other community service organizations. Mr. Kudumu has appeared on radio, television and in the newspapers, including being the subject of major articles in the San Jose Mercury News.

Jane Kerr

Jane Kerr, Administrator of Kujiweza Healing Arts, was originally a student. She attained positive healing results from this unique approach to wellness. Jane & Mwezo became business partners to share with others this wonderful new way to health and wellness. Jane studies Wu Jen Tai Chi with Master Lew and where she often assists and demonstrates classes.

Jane is from England where she studied ballet for 17 years, which contributes to her graceful movements while practicing the art of Tai chi and Yoga. Jane has been training in the ancient art healing exercise for over 13 years and currently teaches Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes. She enjoys working with senior citizens to help keep them youthful.

For questions and more information, please call us at 408-315-6690 for immediate assistance. You can also leave us a message through our Contact Us form.