Fall Prevention

content imageAt Kujiweza Healing Arts On-Site Fitness and Wellness, we have an on-site fall prevention workshop for senior citizens. We understand that falls are common for the elderly because of the changes in their body due to age. Less muscle strength and joint flexibility also play as fall factors.

Through our free fall prevention workshop, let us help you show how to prevent and handle fall situations. Topics will include:

  • Checking Home Hazards
  • Correct Use of Mobility Aides
  • Fall Proofing the Environment
  • How to Fall to Prevent Breaking Bones
  • How to Get Up from a Fall
  • 10 Indicators that You are at Risk for Falling
  • Assisting a Falling Person without Risking Personal Injury
  • Changes in Activities and Exercise Needed to be Made to Prevent Falling

For inquiries of our free workshop, call us at 408-315-6690 or leave us a message through our online Contact Us form.