Our Mission

Kujiweza Onsite & Online Fitness and Wellness is dedicated to bringing a healthy lifestyle to everyone of all ages. We aim to inspire and motivate people to adapt and embrace fitness as part of their daily lives.

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Who We Are

Kujiweza Onsite & Online Fitness and Wellness has been offering fitness and wellness programs for over ten years to individuals, businesses, elderly communities, schools, and many others in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are made up of an excellent team of professional speakers, demonstrators, trainers, therapists, and instructors.



Mwezo Kudumu

Mwezo Kudumu

Mwezo Kudumu is Co-Founder and Master Instructor of Kujiweza Healing Arts Institute. He is a Certified Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Coach, Fitness Specialist, Massage Therapist, Relaxation Therapist, Nutritionist, Natural Health Consultant, Weight Management Consultant, Aerobics, and Group Exercise Instructor. He teaches classes onsite and online.

As an Evidence-Based Fall Prevention Instructor for SAIL and Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance, he offers classes to individuals and community, religious, and business organizations.   

He is a Professor of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation, and Body-Mind healing with over 44 years of experience teaching ancient-art healing exercises. Mwezo has used natural healing modalities to help hundreds of clients relieve pain and achieve holistic healing. 

A graduate of the East-West School for the Healing Arts, he has taught classes at Stanford Medical Center, San Jose State University, San Jose City College, the City of Palo Alto, County of Santa Clara, Chico State University, The Villages Golf, and Country Club, Moldaw Residences, Midpen Housing, the YMCA, and many other community service organizations. He has also appeared on radio, television, and in the newspapers, including being the subject of significant articles in the San Jose Mercury News.

Jane Kerr

Jane Kerr

Jane Kerr is Co-Founder and Administrator of Kujiweza Healing Arts Institute. Initially a student, she is passionate about sharing this unique approach to health and wellness with others, having experienced its positive healing results.  Jane has also studied Wu Jen Tai Chi with Master Lew, where she assisted and demonstrated classes.

Jane hails from England, where she studied ballet for 17 years, contributing to her graceful movements while practicing Tai Chi and Yoga. With over 20 years of ancient-art healing practice, she currently teaches Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes. Jane enjoys working with senior citizens to help keep them youthful.

Jane has taught classes at Stanford Medical Center, the City of Palo Alto, County of Santa Clara, The Villages Golf and Country Club, Moldaw Residences, Midpen Housing, Orange County Parkinson’s Association, and many other community services organizations.


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