Zumba / Aerobic Dance

Zumba is a very popular form of dance aerobics. It combines dance with fitness in the sense that not only are you having a good time, but you’re burning calories. In Zumba you are working through different parts of the body, the legs, the abdomen and the arms. The choreography incorporates Hip-hop, Soca, Samba,Salsa, Merenque, various African dances, and Martial arts. Squats and lunges are also included.

Also, in Zumba there are different kinds of classes that vary in difficulty such as

  • Zumba (Basic 1, &2) – This class is more high energy, high impact and is great for working up a good sweat.
  • Zumba Gold – Incorporates easy to follow choreography, modified moves and low-impact moves for active older adults or first time students.
  • Zumba in a chair – Which is for students who are wheel chair bound or would rather remain seated to exercise. In this class we work on basic movements that keep everyday activities such as combing your hair, brushing your teeth and moving about possible. It is easy to follow, very interactive and fun.

Zumba can greatly benefit people who need body tone, flexibility and weight control. This class is great for all and benefits people who want to get fit. Zumba exercises can be preformed standing up or sitting down. This class can help people with coordination problems, limited mobility and much more.